Clark County Democratic Party Executive Board Elections

Report of the Elections Committee, August 1, 2021

Thank you to the CCDP members who ensured the July 31st board and representative elections were successful.  I would like to pass along the information below, but first I would like to thank everyone who helped run the election processes to ensure everyone stayed safe.  Second, I would strongly suggest that CCDP align its election processes with the party’s voting messaging from the 2021 legislative session.  Requiring voters to cast a signed ballot in-person on one day and during a limited window of time does not align with sending every voter a mail-in ballot to ensure access to the ballot box.


Here are the election stats:


CCDP eligible voters checked in: 194 (two arrived after voting was closed)


As all the officers and audit committee candidates ran unopposed, we counted the officers and audit committee ballots in a batch:


192 Ballots submitted for the constitutional officers and audit committee:


Chris Roberts


First Vice Chair
Carolyn Murray


Second Vice Chair
Kara Hall


Third Vice Chair
Hunter Cain


Joe Throneberry


Corresponding Secretary
Gordon Brown


Recording Secretary
Susan Szczygiel


Special Audit Committee
Sean Breckling
Devan Doan
Regina Muth
James Nickerson
James Reel


9 Ballots submitted for District A: Jesse Jenkins


13 Ballots submitted for District B: Aramis Bacallao 


17 Ballots submitted for District C: Michael Weiss 


8 Ballots submitted for District D: Jessica Jones 


15 Ballots submitted for District E: ShaeAnn Clements
5 Ballots submitted for District E: Rich Gilroy 


11 Ballots submitted for District F: Natasha Sushenko


6 Ballots submitted for District G: Daniel Patterson  



Click here to view the CCDP Bylaws.


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If you would like to join our effort to elect Democrats up and down the ballot and are a registered Democrat in Clark County, you can request nomination to the Clark County Central Committee by completing this form.