Clark County Central Committee Self-Nomination Form

Per the Clark County Democratic Party Bylaws Article III, individuals are eligible to be Precinct Captains, or a Precinct Representative, if the precinct has a someone serving as Precinct Captain, when they have been registered to vote as a Democrat in their precinct for at least the preceding Thirty (30) Days. Precinct Captains shall:

A. Assist the Clark County Democratic Party Central Committee in increasing the total number of registered Democrats and providing the most accurate information on all voters in the precinct.

B. Coordinate get out the vote efforts within the precinct.

C. Maintain the Democratic organization within the precinct.

D. Physically attend at least two (2) regularly scheduled meetings of the CCCC each year of their term.

E. Perform any other duties assigned by the Executive Board or Clark County Democratic Party Central Committee.

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